ChazzaHDF1 Podcast #27F1 2019 Pre Season Testing Preview + Vettel To Get Priority Over Leclerc

ChazzaHDF1 Podcast #27 – F1 2019 Pre Season Testing Preview + Vettel To Get Priority Over Leclerc

Welcome to another episode of the podcast where today we are previewing the upcoming 1st Pre Season Test at Barcelona for the 2019 Formula 1 season.
Today we will look at all the teams and look at exactly what needs to be achieved by them during the first 4 days of Testing. First off we will take a look at Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull and analyse how their Pre Season programme needs to go. We will then look at the midfield teams such as Renault, Mclaren, Alfa Romeo and Williams and what they have to do to close the gap to the top teams in F1. But what do these teams need to achieve during the 1st Pre Season Test? To find out make sure to check out this video.
We will also analyse comments by Ferrari that early on in 2019, Sebastian Vettel will get some ‘priority’ over new driver at the Scuderia, Charles Leclerc.

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