2018 Season Review – Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel – The Fight For Five

Welcome to this the first of many videos reviewing the 2018 Formula 1 season where today I will start at the very front of the field and look at Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Mercedes and Ferrari’s 2018 F1 season. How did Mercedes recover after an inconsistent first half of 2018 to win both championships? How did Ferrari from a leading position and with the best car throw it all away? What was the turning point in giving Lewis Hamilton the edge to win the drivers world championship? And how did it all fall away from Sebastian Vettel after the middle part of the season? For answers for these questions, make sure to check out this video.
I will also analyse what were the best and worst races for Mercedes, Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel and what they must improve upon for 2019.

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