Max Verstappen – The Best Driver Of 2019…So Far

Welcome to a special video where today guys I will be analysing another interesting topic inside the world of Formula One. Today I will analyse after a great start to 2019, why Max Verstappen for Red Bull has been the best driver in 2019…so far.
First off we will take a look at how Verstappen did during the first 7 races in Australia, Bahrain, China, Azerbaijan, Spain, Monaco & Canada and analyse why he was so good. Then we will look at just why Max Verstappen has been so good for Red Bull in getting so much out of the Honda powered RB15. And then we will look at exactly how Max has improved from the early part of 2018 where he was erratic to now.
But in my opinion, why has Max Verstappen been the best F1 driver in 2019 so far? To find out make sure to tune in and find out what I have to say.

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