F1 2018 Pre Season Preview – Why Mclaren Renault Will Win A Grand Prix In 2018


Mclaren Driver, Stoffel Vandoorne

In today’s blog I will analyse why I believe Mclaren with new engine supplier Renault will win a Formula 1 Grand Prix in the 2018 Formula One season. The main reason for me strongly believing in this possibility is because of Mclaren finally ditching the Honda power unit and bringing in what will surely be an improved power unit in the new 2018 Renault engine. This in my opinion will give Mclaren enough of a boost [No pun intended] at select races such as the Monaco Grand Prix, The Hungarian Grand Prix and the Singapore Grand Prix where in terms of downforce, Mclaren tend to excel especially if you look at Mclaren’s 2017 performance at those selected tracks. But what really puts Mclaren over the edge when it comes to whether Mclaren will win a race is their superstar driver Fernando Alonso who especially in the past at Ferrari namely 2012 can drag so much unbelievable lap time out of the car and put the car in positions they don’t deserve to be in.


Mclaren Driver, Fernando Alonso

But I do not expect this elusive race victory for Mclaren to come early in the season as in my opinion it will take some time especially during Pre Season testing and the first handful of races for Mclaren to get used to the Renault engine. They first must try and quickly get used to the drive-ability of the new engine within that Mclaren chassis as it will be a lot different to that of the Honda engines drive-ability and may catch out Mclaren driver Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne. The also must work out how the Renault engine works within that Mclaren car in terms of cooling and also so they can limit Reliability issues which I predict for Mclaren early on in 2018 as they get used to Renault’s power unit. But as long as Mclaren with drivers Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne fulfill the potential of the Mclaren car with the new 2018 Renault engine, Mclaren could soon return to the front of the Formula 1 field.

XPB_865284_HiRes-941x529 (2)

Mclaren Racing Director, Eric Boullier


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